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"Your gentle soul and light brings harmony and love to all who know you - an ANGEL on earth. It is an honour to be part of your World of Womin. "
- Rosalie Vernal

"I have found Dr Szuson Wong to be a very beautiful person, very serene with an aura of calmness and spirituality about her.
Her talks are a pleasure to attend."
- Lisa Thomas
A&D Nurse

"When I attended World of Womin, I could feel Szuson's beautiful, peaceful, radiant energy and felt very welcome. She has an amazing ability to make everyone feel very special - a gift rarely seen by me. Her grace, light and pureness of heart shines through and touches everyone."
- Lynne Duncan, Resource Manager, Ascot Radiology

" Meeting like-minded women at World of Womin is very inspiring - so many amazing women out there."
- Kitty Johnson

"Sharing with World of Womin opens new doorways for love and inspiration to follow."
- Shirley Doran

"You are very special and have been such a calm, centered spirit leader. I feel privileged to know you."
- Judy Green

"World of Womin is an ideal meeting place and Szuson is a wise and knowledgeable lady I feel privileged to know. "
- Mary Clarke
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Dr Szuson Wong
Dr Szuson Wong
Founder/Success Coach

For the Advancement Of Women

Your Local / Global Netweaving

The World of Womin Symposium is New Zealand's leading event for netweaving, enrichment and advancement of women

2004 International Womin's

United together as One-heart
To honour and celebrate being a womin
To unveil the power of womin
To restore the balance of the feminine energy

International Womin's Symposium is an exhilarating, educational, empowering transformation of womin into achievers of excellence, inspirational, powerful role models and leaders of success.

International Womin's Symposium was held on February 14th 2004. Click Here to read about the 'Day of Hearts' Event

We invited womin from all over the world to join us for a day of celebration, enrichment and empowerment. People came and immersed themselves in the first light of New Zealand—the land of peace—and rejoiced in the sacredness of life.

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World of Womin | Feng Shui | Success Coach | Szuson's Book | About Szuson