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2004 International Womin's Symposium

Celebrating the Infinite Wisdom of Womin

Programme of Speakers

Dr Ann Nunley

Dr Ann Nunley

Doctor of Energy Medicine from the United States
Vice President and Provost of Holos University in America
Past Co-president of ISSSEEM, Institute of the Study of Subtle Energies


Discover the key to inner healing that transforms the soul's energetic blueprint to clear the way for a new life script.The presentation addresses:

  • Organised concept of integration for women to actively create balance within themselves, within various cultures and the world;
  • Accessing the Inner Counselor to heal memories of old wounds and traumas;
  • Principles of healing integrating ancient traditions with contemporary assessments and methods.
Patricia Anne Davis

Patricia Anne Davis, Chahta-Dineh (Choctaw-Navajo)

International Speaker from the United States
Practitioner and Facilitator of Native American wholistic health and healing


Patricia Anne Davis believes that many people in the world want to know how to re-connect with the Creator and to affirm their gifts from Divine Creation.
Hozhooji, translated from the Dineh language means "living the loving way."The healing power is Compassion, which alleviates human suffering by facilitating a healthy paradigm shift from destructive ways to constructive attitudes, decisions and behaviours through Ceremony. Patricia Anne Davis will speak on: The principles of the Four Cardinal Directions: East - Child, South - Youth, West - Parent, North - Grandparent

  • Living the Loving Way with:
    • Balance in living Harmony in communication Peace in the family Beauty in the environment
    • Joy within one's hear
  • The Liberation Path - to reclaim authentic personal power through an awakening of Spiritual Self-Identity.

Dr Sandra Cabot

International Speaker from Australia
World renown expert on natural medicine and women's health specialist
Author of multiple best-selling books including The Liver Cleansing Diet


Dr Cabot has been treating menopause for nearly 30 years and provides valuable information on the various types of hormone replacement therapy, explaining the differences between natural and synthetic hormones, plus the safest ways to take them.Dr Cabot will speak on nutritional medicine to unlock your power and obtain optimal health and longevity by cleansing and purifying the liver.The presentation addresses:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy - the real truth Body shape and hormones
  • Syndrome X - the chemical imbalance that causes women and men to store fat
Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere

Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere

International Speaker from New Zealand
Traditional Maori tohuna (keeper of sacred knowledge)
Former teacher and Department of Education Senior Inspector
Appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to Education


With 5000 different species of plants on her back doorstep, people from all over the world come to the Ureweras to see a woman they call "white eagle, medicine woman of peace." Dr Pere learned about herbal medicines from her whanau (family) and have shared her medical and herbal expertise only with other Maori and indigenous people such as Native Americans and Aborigines. Dr Pere specializes in spiritual healing and built her health centre, Kopu Ariki, ( Christ Consciousness), in 1994, so people of different cultures and religions could experience spiritual togetherness.Dr Pere will speak on:

  • Spiritual healing self empowerment based on the 8 tentacles of the octopus the oneness of Papatuanuku (Mother Earth)
  • Healing sounds of the Maori language

The 2004 Womin's Symposium DVD is available now

The 2004 Symposium took place in February 2004.
It was a wonderful event—weaving a special an deeply inspiring message into the lives and hearts of all those who attended.

You can purchase a DVD video with the entire symposium available for viewing at home and sharing with friends and family.

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Photos are available from the Symposium

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